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Owners of The Olive Branch with Manager, Sandi Posted by: The Olive Branch 9 months ago

Did you know that the flavor profiles of extra virgin olive oil have a wide range depending on where they are produced? The type of soil where the olive trees grow, what type of weather they’re exposed to, and how they’re harvested and pressed all make a difference in the final taste

At The Olive Branch, we have a wide variety of extra virgin olive oils available for you to taste so you can choose the best oil for your recipe or dish you want to make. We even have a tasting room you can reserve for events or special occasions!

Classic Mediterranean Flavor

This is the type of extra virgin olive oil that most people are familiar with. The Mediterranean area is known for its production of olive oil and the flavor is usually balanced with just a hint of bitterness. If this is the type of flavor profile you’re looking for, we’d recommend trying our Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Peppery Burst

Some extra virgin olive oils have a stronger flavor with an intense peppery kick to them. If you’re looking for an oil that will add flavor to any vegetable or add a more intense flavor to your salad dressing, our Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Chile is a great one to try.

Fresh & Fruity Flavor

Using the right extra virgin olive oil is a fantastic way to add a fresh note to your dish. If that’s the flavor you’re looking for, our Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an ideal choice. This oil is from Chile and is also full of cancer-fighting antioxidants, so many of our customers take it by the tablespoon as a nutritional supplement.

We typically recommend using the Arbequina to finish off seafood dishes or combine it with one of our flavored balsamic vinegars to make delicious homemade vinaigrette dressings.

Herbal & Grassy Taste

If you’re looking for an oil that has a more herbaceous flavor, choosing one from Spain or Portugal is typically a good choice. We recommend our HojiBlanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil which has notes of freshly cut greens, tomato, artichoke, and aromatic herbs.

This oil is ideal for complementing salads, adding to marinades, and pairing with other flavored balsamic vinegars and flavored olive oils to bring out its fresh, herbal flavor.

Citrus Notes

In addition to our more traditional extra virgin olive oils, we also carry a wide variety of flavored olive oils both in our online shop and in our brick-and-mortar store. Some of our customers’ favorites are ones that bring strong citrus flavors into their meals:

Find The Best Olive Oils At The Olive Branch

No matter what type of extra virgin olive oil you’re looking for, we have one to fit your tastes at The Olive Branch. Our friendly, approachable staff are always ready to help you choose the best oil for your dish.

The Olive Branch is dedicated to providing premium extra virgin olive oils, balsamic, and wine vinegars at our storefront in The Village at Winona in Winona Lake, Indiana, and through our online shop.

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